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I have been a patient of Dr. Francisco since 2011. He is an expert at his work. I have had cleanings, fillings, crowns, referrals for root canals, and more. Virtually painless, always successful, and affordable. Emphasis is on prevention and not just making work. I am 65, and thanks to Dr. Francisco, I have all my teeth. I hate going to the dentist; however, thanks to this great office (including the hygienist and reception), I go to the dentist regularly now and feel comfortable doing so. Ten years ago, my teeth were a disaster. Dr. Francisco did not make me feel embarrassed but just created a plan to go forward. After trying 3 other dentists in Tampa (all nightmare experiences), I have found the best dentist in Tampa! Go - you will thank me!!!

Patty O. Patient since 2011

Finally, a dentist I feel confident will give my dental needs some much-needed TLC. I'm an adult that just received braces. I was not happy with my previous dentist because it felt like a revolving door type of establishment, and I did not trust them with my new dental needs.

Dr. Francisco and his staff provided me with a much more positive experience. They were warm and welcoming, always introduced themselves, and explained the task they were performing and why. It was a more personalized experience, and Dr. Francisco thoroughly explained his exam and explanations. He also made sure to address my questions and concerns. I will definitely recommend him to other friends and family looking for a general family dentist.

Irene C. Patient since 2022

Above reproach! The entire office is so friendly. It seems like I have known them all my life, and it's only been a couple of years. During this last visit, I was treated very well. I had two top rear teeth reconstructed. If anyone knows about teeth - I think these are the hardest teeth to work on. It took a while but was without any pain or discomfort. Dr. Francisco said that I would need to take some OTC pain meds, but this morning I woke up without any pain, and it was like I have never been to the dentist. Zero pain and zero complications. I go back in two weeks for my crowns on 14/15. If you are afraid of the dentist, this is the office for you. You won't be afraid anymore. Trust me!

Perry F. Patient since 2019

First, Dr. Ed Francisco is a truly compassionate, intelligent, and skilled dentist. He is the best dentist I have found in Tampa. He displays a very genuine interest and concern for his patients. Professional, courteous staff. Always a pleasure to visit the office because the entire staff is so warm, friendly, and approachable. They make what could be an unpleasant experience a delight. Whatever your dental needs may be, I 100% recommend Dr. Francisco.

Thomas T. Patient since 2016

Even though I am not fond of dentists, Dr. Francisco always provides a pleasant experience. Knowledge is my top priority, and he and his staff deliver that!

Dr. Claude G. Patient since 2005

Dr. Francisco and his staff were excellent and did a wonderful crown on my front tooth. The Dr. himself even checked in on me later that evening to be sure everything was going well, and my pain was controlled. They make you feel comfortable and at ease during procedures. I would recommend Dr. Francisco and his team to anyone in the Tampa Bay Area!

Matthew B. Patient since 2018

Dr. Francisco and his staff are so pleasant, welcoming, and great at what they do. They always explain any procedures they do so that you understand why they need to be done. The dentist's office is no longer a dreaded place for me! I highly recommend going to see Dr. Francisco!

Chris K. Patient since 2021

Everyone is so nice there, and Doctor Francisco is a gem.

Doris M. Patient since 2003

Dr. Francisco answered my emergency call and got me a quick appointment with his recommended endodontist, who performed a root canal. The pain completely subsided post-root canal. Dr. Francisco then applied the permanent filling in which I felt no pain as well. I highly recommend Dr. Francisco as a dentist that cares about his patients.

John L. Patient since 2011

Welcoming front office staff, clean, comfortable environment located in the heart of South Tampa, experienced and friendly clinicians, and a DR with excellent chairside manner. Highly recommend!

Susan C. Patient since 2011

Outstanding people skills and awesome professionalism will put your experience at ease.

Jose R. Patient since 2000

I have been going to Dr. Francisco for over 20 years. The staff and DR are wonderful. They listen to your needs. They are a knowledgeable and professional group. I had to go in to get my crown done that fell out the night before. I called the next morning, and they got me in within 2 hours. My experiences have always been great, and I do not like dentists!

Phongeun W. Patient since 1997

Dr. Francisco and the staff are extremely friendly. The dentist is also good about breaking down dental plans/procedures and works with you to ensure you understand what is going on or needs to be done by importance. The wait time for appointments was very quick and timely as well. I would recommend this dentist to other individuals in the Hillsborough area.

Heather K. Patient since 2021

The office is very well-run and professional. They follow all necessary precautions for keeping their patients safe during the pandemic. Dr. Francisco has an easygoing manner that puts the patient at ease. He is an excellent dentist.

Frances D. Patient since 2020

Dr. Francisco is professional and compassionate about people and his practice. Up-to-date state-of-the-art technology, super clean office, and friendly staff. Highly recommend!

Michele Y. Patient since 2009

The best and most thorough exam I’ve ever had at a dentist. Very helpful in explaining everything.

Ray M. Patient since 2020

They are a very professional team. Dr. Francisco always takes time to explain dental issues in easy-to-understand terms.

Fred F. Patient since 2007

Been with the Doc for over 20yrs. The Doc and staff are always helpful and informative on what needs to be done. If you like a doctor with a good bedside manner and can handle the truth about your teeth, then you need to make an appointment here.

Anonymous Verified Customer

My wife and I have been patients for many years. Top-notch service and great staff.

Stephen C. Patient since 2012

Great professional service. They still remember how to take care of patients. Highly recommended.

John K. Patient since 2019

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